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How often do people set New Year's Resolutions only to break them with a short period of time. Unfortunately, their motivation can quickly fade. That's why partnering with others to write your memoirs will help you stay on track while enjoying the process. In the Memoir Writer's Mentoring program, you'll receive the support you need to stay on task with writing your Memoirs.


Legacy Coach -- Sign up for our coaching program where you will participate on a weekly call, led by author and legacy expert, Lyn Fisher. Every other week you'll share stories and writing ideas with your group, and the other two weeks we'll provide you with writing tools to help you create stories that are interesting, and provide great value to the readers.

Memoir Partner #1 -- When you the Memoir Writer's group, you'll be assigned a partner with whom you will share weekly calls where you'll share  memories and encourage each other to "keep writing!"

Memoir Partner #2 -- We encourage you to ask a family member or friend to join you in this project. Once a week, you'll share stories with him/her, to help each other remember the special people, places and events in your life.

NOTE: Memoir Partner #2 can either join our program, be assigned a Memoir Partner #1, and participate in the weekly calls, or he/she can ask another family member to join them in this project. Having two or more partners is invaluable.

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