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On April 11, 2010 my mother died. She was 85 years old, and although that may seem old to some, to our family it was a surprise that she passed at such a young age. Most of her family had lived into their late 90s.

As our family sorted through her belongings, we found, among other treasures, a file filled with her life stories. Some were about experiences she had as a child growing up on the farm, others about life after her mother died (she was only 10), meeting my dad at the age of 18 and her life as a mother, wife and friend to many.

Some of her stories brought tears to my eyes, others laughter, and all were filled with bits and pieces of who she was as a person. I soon realized these stories were her legacy... a legacy to be cherished for generations to come.

When I share my excitement about finding the stories with others, I repeatedly heard these comments: "I wish my mom (dad or grandparent) had done this," or "I have stories from my mom (dad or grandparent), and I'm so glad I do. But the comment that really made me start thinking about memoir writing was: "I need to do this."

Realizing that it's so much easier to do something when partnering with others, we developed the Memoir Writer's Mentor Program. In this program, we provide writing and memory tools to help participants write their life stories and family history on a regular basis. Participants will be assigned an mentoring partner, as well as invite a friend or family member to partner with them. Together, they  will share stories and encourage each other on a regular basis. Along with providing  on-going motivation, it's lots of fun.

Get started writing your memoirs today, as tomorrow is never promised.

Start creating a gift for your children, your posterity, that will be cherished for years to come.

Remember, your legacy is your life.

Lyn Fisher, Founder and President
Your Legacy, Your Life

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