The World's Most Generous Philanthropists

Yesterday, one of the world's most generous philanthropists and successful businessmen died. He left a legacy for his children and grandchildren that far exceeded his wealth and fame -- a life of giving to others.
In his 2015 autobiography, he writes: “It would be a fascinating experience to hear in advance what will be said at our eulogies. Would it match what we see in ourselves?
Truth be known, few farewell lines at funerals are devoted to one’s academic achievements, professional careers or wealth. Mostly, a eulogy is about what one did for others — as a parent, a volunteer, a teacher, a civic activist, a philanthropist, or one who set good examples.
Since we don’t get to see the advanced text of our eulogies, we might think about living each day as if our actions on that day will establish the record on which we’ll be judged.”
Farewell to a great man.