Summer Fun

Thought you might enjoy this summertime story written by my mother. It took place in the 1930s.

At the edge of town was a much-used swimming pond. For us girls, it was a special treat to swim each Friday afternoon. One Friday when we were in the pond, three of our most dreaded enemies – Harold, Ted and cousin Wayne, who existed only to make our lives miserable – invaded our private party.
From their pockets they pulled a dozen water snakes and threw them in the water at us. You can bet we came out of the water screaming and shaking snakes off our arms and out of our hair. “We’ll get you, you just wait and see,” we shouted at them.
Now, how to get even – not just even, but a little more? The ideas flowed back and forth until, “EUREKA!” We had a real prize-winning plan. The boys had baseball practice on Saturday morning. On the way home, they always stopped for a swim. We had heard they always went “skinny dipping.” When Saturday came, we went up to the attic and got a bag of old clothes, then headed for the pond on our bikes.
Sure enough, they were there. We crept silently to their pile of clothes and took all but the shoes, leaving them the bag of old clothing. We then rode our bikes back to town, faster than we had ever ridden before.
Leaving their clothes in a bag on the lawn, we went upstairs to my room where we could see all the way up the street. It wasn’t long before they came riding their bikes faster, I’m sure, than they had ever ridden before … three boys in the cutest, frilly dresses you ever saw. ~