Journaling Made Easy

In April I started keeping a Thought Journal. In the past, I've failed miserably at keeping journals. Not only did I find committing to this daily activity difficult, I've also found it extremely boring.

After giving it some thought, I decided most of us approach journaling all wrong. Instead of writing about what we did during the day, e.g. went to work, came home, ate supper, went to bed, why not write a thought about anything.

Here are the rules for doing a thought journal:
  1. Write anything that comes to mind. It can be a memory, something "interesting" that happened that day, about a person who has inspired or irked you, or something you are passionate about. the point us, just write something.
  2. You can write as much or as little as you like. One day it might one sentence or paragraph, the next day it might be two pages long. It doesn't matter as long as you write something.
That's it. Only two rules to set you on your way. 

But I do have one little secret ingredient to share with you... share your thoughts on a daily or weekly basis with a friend, family member or someone else who is committed to the idea.

I shared the Thought Journal idea with an old friend of mine and he was sold on the idea. Since then we share our entries five days of the week. Just knowing we will be talking each day has helped me stay committed to the process. Find someone you would feel comfortable sharing with and get started!