Children's Memory Book Series

$ 29.95

Kids will enjoy working in their fun, colorful workbooks that will capture the important people and events in their lives. Each will help them understand the importance of family and to start capturing school experiences and favorite things at a young age.

Your child will anxiously await a fun-filled Package, arriving every three weeks.

Each workbook includes 5 coloring pages and a four-pack of crayons.

Package #1: School Days -- School is out and writing about best friends, teachers, favorite activities and classes creates a personalized history that will be fun to reminisce about for years to come.

Package #2: Me and My Family -- Who are the members of your family and why are they important to your child? This is a great activity book for kids to learn about the importance of family in their lives.

Package #3: My Family Tree -- Extended family members play an important part in every child's life. In this workbook they'll share thoughts about grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Package #4: My Favorite Things -- Because "favorite things" can change as your child grows, it's a great time to capture his or her favorites, ranging from favorite books and music to best friends and activities, plus much, much more.

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